Almenuassists you to stand out in the dining business by opening doors to a revolutionized way of menu building, QR scan process, and order placing. Whether you are a fasat delivery restaurant, causal café, or a full-time dining and take-away place, Almenu can accelerate contactlessengagement with your customers(and vice versa). Say farewell to traditional printer menus and reach, contact, grow with novel digital menus, allwhile keeping the whole experience streamlined withefficient management and pace.

Business-perspective benefits

Create and Update – for FREE –

With our easy to access and user-friendly interface, Almenu allows you to create, update, and monitor your menus in a smooth finger touch process, in no time. Whenever you want to configure seasonal items, revise the pricing, or add-on the latest offers; everything is in your hand; a few clicks away.

A solution to the new-post-Covid-normal minimizing human contact –

The right decisions at the right time make businesses capable of keeping up the pace with this modern, always evolving era. Where digital menus are a convenient replacement for static ones, they are seamlessly the innovation this hour demands. Contactless services will take your good-will wave to a higher mark. Also, the safety of staff and customers remains ensured! 

(Digitalized menus will build a quirky trust in your customers that you have taken a step towards their, and your staff’s safety.)  Remove this line maybe, not sure.

Want to grow monetarily?

Low upfront costs result in high profitability. By integrating digital menus, restaurants eliminate the costs of:

  •  Paper-printing and design each time they update the menu. 
  • Manual distribution of printed menus for promotion. 

Hence, being able to spend more on increasing the overall ambiance of their business. 

Upselling Tactic –

Almenu enables the restaurants to showcase their chosen items with catchy visuals that eventually boost up the sales. Featured items can become more appealing to taste buds with 3D effects compelling the users to buy them instantly. A reward restricted to static menus!

Restaurants with digital menus inculcated reports a 60 – 70% push over to their sales after binding with the technology!

Painless Updating Procedure –

How many times did you let slip some ideas of offering free goodies to your customers for a single day because editing, designing, and printing menus is one heck of an affair? A lot, right? Do not let these crumble paper menus be a rock in your way of increased sales. Almenu invites you to edit, design, and get rolling painlessly! All you need is to log into your account, make desirable changes and you are good to go.

Feedback, Reports, Insights –

Retaining the reputation is indispensable and tough at the same moment. Almenu offers you the gateway to track your order history, have deeper insights into the feedback, and gain analytics through monthly reports. The feature allows you to step up business progress.

Services beyond regions –

With Almenu supporting your menu programs, the names of dishes and prices will be backed up with a multi-language and multi-currency feature. Customers will be able to see names, descriptions, and prices compatible with their own device’s preferred language and currency, making your opportunities go beyond limitations.

Customer-perspective benefits

Download and print QR code –

Being able to download and print QR codes is just another luxury; fruitful for you and your customers. Download the QR code, get it printed and place it somewhere it catches the eye; menus on the phones with no hustle at all.

Smart & Streamlined Ordering process –

The same ease happens on the other side of the screen; customers can access the menus without having to download/install any app rather than scanning QR codes. QR code redirects them to a user-friendly webpage with the whole menu. Practically, the process is more direct and capturing than it sounds as it also eliminates the preconceived time of physical order placement.

It is a plus-plus on both ends!

Digitalized menus are a modern business tactic to upsell customers in the food industry, eventually keeping the profit feasibility high. Meanwhile, the customers get to engage in a trendy way of dining; an experience that will leave them with a strong, positive impression.

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